Space Exploration

Launchers (By Date of First Launch)

This is an index of the pages with data on individual space launch systems. This is not yet a comprehensive list of all systems, and will be expanded as I get more data in.

V-2 (1944-52)
Redstone LV (1952-61)
Jupiter-C (1956-57)
PGM-19 Jupiter (1956-1961)
Sputnik 8K71PS/8A91 (1957-58)
X-17 (1957-58)
Juno I (1958)
Juno II (1958-1961)
PGM-17 Thor (1959-60)
Atlas LV-3B (1960-63)
Vostok-K/-L (1960-64)
Saturn I (1961-1965)
Saturn IB (1966-1975)
Soyuz/-L/-M 11A511 (1966-76)
Saturn V (1967-1972)
Kosmos-3M (1967-2010)
N-1 (1969-1972)
Soyuz-U 11A511U (1973-Active)
Ariane 1 (1979-86)
Soyuz-U2 11A511U2 (1982-95)
Ariane 3 (1984-89)
Ariane 2 (1986-89)
Ariane 4 Series (1988-2003)
Delta II (1989-Active)
Ariane 5 Series (1996-Active)
Dnepr-1 (1999-Active)
Soyuz-FG (2001-Active)
GSLV Mk.I and .II (2001-Active)
H-IIA (2001-Active)
Atlas V (2002-Active)
Delta IV (2002-Active)
SpaceShipOne (2003-04)
Falcon 1 (2006-Active)
H-IIB (2009-Active)
Falcon 9 (2010-Active)
Antares (2013-Active)
SpaceShipTwo (2013-Active)
Minotaur V (2013-Active)
Epsilon (2013-Active)
GSLV Mk.III (In Development)
Falcon Heavy (In Development)

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