Space Exploration

GSLV Mk.III (In Development)

First Flight: (Scheduled 2014)
Last Flight:
Stages: 2 + Boosters
Total Mass: 630 tons
Payload Mass: 10,000 kg to LEO; 5,000 kg to GTO
Diameter: 4.0 m
Length: 42.4 m

Booster Stage

Type: Two S-200 Boosters
Arrangement: 1 x Solid
Thrust (kN): 10,302 total
Propellant: Solid
ISP: ?
ISP (sea level):
Burn Time: 103 s
Gross Mass: ?

First Stage

Type: L-110 Core
Arrangement: 2 x Vikas
Thrust (kN): 1,600
Propellant: N2O4/UDMH
ISP: 300 s
ISP (sea level):
Burn Time: 240 s
Gross Mass: ?

Second Stage

Type: C25 Core
Arrangement: 1 x CE-20
Thrust (kN): 200
Propellant: LOX/LH2
ISP: 450 s
ISP (sea level):
Burn Time: 720 s
Gross Mass: ?

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