Space Exploration

SpaceShipTwo (2013-Active)

First Flight: 2013
Last Flight: (Active)
Stages: 2
Total Mass: ?
Payload Mass: (4 passengers to suborbital)
Diameter: White Knight Wingspan = 43 m; SpaceShipTwo Wingspan = 8.3 m
Length: White Knight = 24 m; SpaceShipTwo = 18.3 m

First Stage

Type: White Knight Two Jet
Arrangement: 4 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308
Thrust (kN): 122.76
Propellant: Jet Fuel
ISP: approx. 3700 s
ISP (sea level):
Burn Time: ?
Gross Mass: ?

Second Stage

Type: SpaceShipTwo Rocket
Arrangement: 1 × RocketMotorTwo hybrid
Thrust (kN): 270
Propellant: N2O/HTPB
ISP: 250 s
ISP (sea level):
Burn Time: ?
Gross Mass: 9.74 tons

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